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2022 Marais Pool Rules - orig post 2022-06-21 on NEXT DOOR.
Posted on Jun 24th, 2022

Marc Retchin - Marais at Seaside Farms • 2022-June
Marais Pool Rules Reminder
As pool utilization is peaking, just a reminder that we have strict guidelines regarding pool usage. The DHEC rules are posted on the fence by the shower, and a couple key rules are no glass, pets or smoking allowed in the pool or deck area. Please review and adhere to all DHEC and smoking rules.
Another key rule specific to Marais deals with pool access and utilization by visitors/guests. Owners/renters are allowed to bring daytime visitors/guests to the pool with them, numbers within reason. Guests of owners/renters temporarily residing in Marais are allowed access to the pool, using the assigned fob, with or without the owner/resident being present.
Fobs are not to be shared with daytime visitors/guests, without the owner/renter being present at the pool. This includes local family members who are not residing in Marais. Loaning fobs and allowing access to the pool, outside of the aforementioned guidelines, can result in the fob being disabled and pool privileges being suspended.
If an owner/renter would like to plan a party, please communicate and coordinate with the Marais property manager or pool committee (Marc Retchin or Jim Bennett). We want to ensure that there are no conflicts with parking, seating, other parties and for the rest of Marais owners/renters.
If you want to move furniture while using the pool, please return it where it was when you are done, as the pool deck is maintained by volunteers.
Lastly, be sure to discard trash, including napkins, cans, wrappers, etc. Thanks in advance for your understanding and assistance. Marc
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Marais at Seaside Farms
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