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QFF 2021-10-08
Posted on Oct 9th, 2021

Quick Fact Friday
 Six Mile Community
As we continue our series on settlement communities within Mount Pleasant, our focus today is on the Six Mile Community located around the intersections of Highway 17N, Six Mile Road, and Rifle Range Road. After the Civil War, the low-lying lands of the former seashore plantations, such as Hamlin (est. in 1698), were given or sold to the plantation’s former enslaved people. These folks formed a community called “Liberty Hill” and built simple wood houses on their land. The name of the the community was later changed to “Six Mile”, the distance between the community and the Village of Mount Pleasant. The intersection of Rifle Range and Six Mile is known locally as “Mazyck’s Corners”.
While the original plantations located along the salt marshes were more likely to raise livestock and grain, these early residents engaged in “truck farming”, raising crops such as corn, peas, tomatoes, and cabbages to truck to the Charleston market. Fish and shrimp in nearby marshes and creeks provided a plentiful food source as well as an additional source of income.  While most residents no longer depend on farming for a living, sweetgrass basket weaving continues as it has for generations to supplement income. Sweetgrass basket stands can still be seen dotting the area around Six Mile Road, Rifle Range Road, and Highway 17 North exhibiting the artistry of the Six Mile Community.
Nominations are currently being accepted for the Annual Cresco Award. Official nomination forms are available on the Historical Commission page of the Town of Mount Pleasant's website. The deadline for nominations is November 15, 2021. The Award will be presented by the Historical Commission to the honoree at the Town Council meeting in December 2021.
For more information: Contact kmiller@tompsc.com
Image Credit: Town website

The Town of Mount Pleasant Historical Commission releases Quick Fact Fridays about the history of Mount Pleasant and about the Commission, its programs and activities. Historical facts are drawn largely from the Our History section of the Town's website and the Commission's own Mount Pleasant Historical website and app. Follow their links by clicking on the images below to discover what makes Mount Pleasant such a distinctive historical place! To receive Quick Fact Friday messages click here to subscribe. Email us at kmiller@tompsc.com if you're interested in learning more about a particular Mount Pleasant history topic!
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