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Quick Fact Friday 2019-04-12
Posted on Apr 12th, 2019

This week's Quick Fact Friday takes a look at just before the Civil War. In 1860, South Carolina began moving toward secession from the Union. In preparation, local militia companies built many earthwork fortifications. One of these fortifications was the Mount Pleasant Mortar Battery. The location of the Mount Pleasant Battery enabled the battery to fire on three Federal fortifications including Fort Moultrie, Castle Pinckney, and Fort Sumter.


In early April 1861, Captain Robert Martin and his men were firing practice shots from the Mount Pleasant Battery. Because of the battery's proximity to Fort Sumter, shrapnel from the practice shots actually hit the walls of the fort. On April 6, Major Robert Anderson wrote Brigadier General P. G. T. Beauregard to notify him of the dangerous shots and Captain Martin was notified to re-direct his practice shells. However, only a few days later on April 12, 1861, General Beauregard fired the first shots of the Civil War on Fort Sumter. The Mount Pleasant Battery participated in the firing on Fort Sumter, April 12th and 13th.


To learn more about Mount Pleasant and the Civil War visit the Town's Our History website and the Historical Commission's mobile app.



For more information: The Civil War Fortifications of Mount Pleasant and Christ Church Parish


Image Credit: Mount Pleasant Mortar Battery

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