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Quick Fact Friday 2019.03.01
Posted on Mar 1st, 2019

While the British kept digging their trenches closer to Charlestown's landward defenses, British cavalry under Colonel Banastre Tarleton defeated an American force at Monks Corner on April 13. Without hesitating Tarleton swung down through St Thomas's Parish, crossed the head of the Wando at Wappetaw Bridge and camped within 6 miles of Lempiere's. While the British had effectively encircled the Americans, the East Cooper lines were still porous. The commanding American General, Benjamin Lincoln, wrote to the French officer, Colonel Francois Lellorquis, Marquis de Malmedy, commanding at Lempiere's: "I need not remind you that your post is critical and that the greatest precaution is necessary." By April 26, British General Cornwallis had followed Tarleton and arrived with a larger force which he marched through Mount Pleasant to Hadrell's Point. Believing Lempiere's battery too strong to take and a threat to his rear, Cornwallis withdrew the same day to Christ Church. However, when American's on patrol the next day encountered the British at the church, Malmedy assumed Cornwallis was preparing to attack him and, without orders, spiked his guns and retreated by boat to Charlestown. Cornwallis seized the abandoned fort and the Americans in Charlestown lost their last route for supplies, reinforcements, or escape. On May 11, 1780, General Lincoln surrendered the city and its garrison in the largest American defeat of the war.
For more information: The Revolutionary War in Mount Pleasant
Image Credit: Siege of Charleston, by Alonzo Chappel, c. 1862. Courtesy, Anne S.K. Brown military Collection, Brown Library. 
The Town of Mount Pleasant Historical Commission releases Quick Fact Fridays about the history of Mount Pleasant and about the Commission, its programs and activities. Historical facts are drawn largely from the Our History section of the Town's website and the Commission's own Mount Pleasant Historical website and app. Follow their links by clicking on the images below to discover what makes Mount Pleasant such a distinctive historical place! To receive Quick Fact Friday messages click here to register. To also receive news from the Culture, Arts and Pride Commission, click here to register.
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