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Quick Fact Friday 2018.11.09
Posted on Nov 9th, 2018

Unfortunately for the Native American Indians, these Englishmen brought with them disease and weapons that caused much death and devastation. By the time Captain Florence O'Sullivan arrived in 1680, many of the Native American Indians had already experienced great loss from European diseases.
Initially, the settlers did not clear a sufficient amount of land to grow enough food. To make matters worse, the local Native American Indians were not always friendly toward Captain O'Sullivan and the other English settlers. The crops the colonists were able to grow were frequently raided and ruined by their neighboring American Indians. This meant settlers had to depend on England for additional food and supplies. On one particular occasion, the English did not send enough food and supplies to the colonists. According to McIver, this led to the "O'Sullivan Hunger Riot." Captain O'Sullivan left his post to join the other unhappy settlers in Charles Town. A British ship arriving with provisions successfully ended the riot.
For more information: A Brief History of Mount Pleasant - American Indian Era on the Town of Mount Pleasant website; Cultural Resource Survey 1988: Town of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina by Preservation Consultants, Inc.; History of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina by P. R. McIver; and, Our Southern Zion: A History of Calvinism in the South Carolina Low Country, 1690-1990 by E. Clarke
Image credit: History of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina by P. R. McIver
The Town of Mount Pleasant Historical Commission releases Quick Fact Fridays about the history of Mount Pleasant and about the Commission, its programs and activities. Historical facts are drawn largely from the Our History section of the Town's website and the Commission's own Mount Pleasant Historical website and app. Follow their links by clicking on the images below to discover what makes Mount Pleasant such a distinctive historical place!  To receive Quick Fact Friday messages click here to register. To also receive news from the Culture, Arts and Pride Commission, click here to register.
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