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Welcome to our Marais PropertyOwnersAssociation website.  
              MaraisPOA Board of Directors and Committee Goals
  • Consistent and fair adherence to covenants and bylaws.
  • Maintain the financial health of our POA
  • Maintain and enhance the aesthetics of Marais.
  • Protect the property values of our homes.
  • Foster community spirit and cooperation in Marais.
Marais Board & committees respect the entire POA, don't play favorites and welcome constructive feedback and new ideas.
          Being on the board or committees at Marais;  Requires a time commitment, an understanding of our covenants and bylaws and know that your decisions and actions will sometimes not please everyone. But, know that the people on the board and committees of the MaraisPOA take on this obligation because they love living in Marais and take pride in our community. They also enjoy helping people and deserve the greatest appreciation and support of our entire association. Thank you,
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S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) website
Posted on Apr 5th, 2020
click the link below...
Quick Fact Friday 2020-04-03
Posted on Apr 3rd, 2020
                                Quick Fact Friday
Hang in There, Mount Pleasant!
Congratulations, folks! We've gotten through the first 3 weeks of social distancing! We've baked banana bread, organized our drawers and closets, and binge watched all 201 episodes of The Office. Now what? With school out for another month, how can we survive? We have some great ideas for you.
Visit the Mount Pleasant Historical Commission History Channel and check out this overview of 350 years of Mount Pleasant History by noted historian Mike Robertson.
COVID19 - Video
Posted on Mar 28th, 2020
Watch/listen if you have time. Excellent review of the virus and steps to minimize spread of infection. 
Covid_19_Protecting_Your_Family_Dr_Dave_Price_3_22_2020 on Vimeo

Women in History Abby Munro
Posted on Mar 27th, 2020
                           Quick Fact Friday
Women in History
Abby D. Munro (1837 - 1913)
Let's continue to celebrate Women's History Month! During March, the Mount Pleasant Historical Commission will highlight some of the notable women who played an integral part in the development of our beloved community. Today's spotlight is on Quaker Abby D. Munro.
Abby D. Munro, a Quaker originally from Bristol, Rhode Island, established a home for orphans, neglected, and destitute children on the corner of Venning and Bennett in the Old Village. Funds to purchase and operate the home were solicited locally and from Friends in the North. It was incorporated in 1883 and is believed to have been the first orphanage for African American children in the State. Room and board cost approximately one dollar a week per child. The children were taught to cook, wash, iron, knit, sew, mend clothes, and all the duties of a household. The older children attended school regularly and made commendable progress in their studies. The orphanage operated here until the building was destroyed by fire in 1920.
Posted on Mar 20th, 2020
PLEASE click below to read>>>> ...
In My haste to get our update out to you last night, I put the incorrect link to each restaurant for the online ordering.
 My apologies. Please see below. 
Remember Your Discount Code: Quarantine2020  
Peter Woodman & The Crave Hospitality Group
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Posted on Mar 19th, 2020
(click below for the CDC website)
(click below for the WHO website)
Corps of Engineers Letter
Posted on Mar 19th, 2020
Please find the ArmyCorpsofEngineers WetlandsClarification Letter date 2020-02-18
under the Members section; POA Operations/Reports; Landscape & Lighting.
Quick Fact Friday 2020-03-20
Posted on Mar 19th, 2020
Quick Fact Friday
Women in History
Mary Jackson
Let's celebrate Women's History Month! During March, the Mount Pleasant Historical Commission will highlight some of the notable women who played an integral part in the development of our beloved community. Today's spotlight is on sweetgrass basketry artist, Mary Jackson.
*** 2020 Garbage & Trash collection...
Posted on Dec 31st, 2019
CLICK for >>>
                     COMMUNITIES       RECYCLING       GARBAGE/TRASH
2020 Marais Regime Fee Increase
Posted on Nov 24th, 2019
Go to Members section; POA Operations/Reports; Financials; to view,
                               2020 POA regime fee increase effective January 1, 2020 
Quick Fact Friday 2019-11-08
Posted on Nov 8th, 2019
                           Quick Fact Friday
The Battle at Hog Island
This Monday commemorates the 244th anniversary of the Battle for Hog Island. Hog Island was the name of what is now known as Patriots Point. As relations between the British government and South Carolina colonials deteriorated through the summer of 1775, colonists seized Fort Johnson from British control on September 14 of that year. Royal Governor William Campbell then dissolved the Commons House of Assembly and fled to the 16-gun HMS Tamar, anchored in Charleston harbor. Along with other British warships in the outer harbor, the Tamar harassed and seized merchant ships coming to Charleston, prompting the Provincial Congress to purchase the merchant schooner, Defense, and convert her into the first warship of the South Carolina Navy.
Why recycling efforts are getting trashed CBS News
Posted on Apr 1st, 2019


Why recycling efforts are getting trashed
CBS News

Mount Pleasant Police Department
Posted on Jan 13th, 2017
Inspector Chip Googe, Mount Pleasant Police Department AGENCY
   Did you resolve to stay connected to your police department this year? You
   can keep that resolution by following us on:
Twitter - @mountpleasantpd 
Instagram - mountpleasantpolice
Periscope - @MountPleasantPD 
Blog - www.mppdnews.blogspot.com 
                                     Mount Pleasant Police Crime Reports
Mount Pleasant, SC website
Posted on Nov 23rd, 2016
CLICK HERE OR THE PHOTO -->>  https://experiencemountpleasant.com/
Thank you for naming Charleston, South Carolina the No. 1 City in the World!
Posted on Jul 7th, 2016
Charleston, South Carolina has been voted the No. 1 City in the World and No. 1 City in the U.S. and Canada in the Travel + Leisure 2016 World's Best Awards! We extend a sincere thank you to everyone who voted. 
Town of Mount Pleasant
Posted on Jun 28th, 2016
Marais NEW Property Management Contact as of 2/1/16
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2016
MARAIS REGIME FEES:  Please make regime 2016 checks payable to;
(843) 881-5459
Marais Property Management Contact;
Property Management Services
1340-G Ben Sawyer Blvd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Phone: (843) 881-5459, Fax: (843) 881-5616
Management Contact: Lona Vest, Contact Email: lona@charlestonpms.com



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