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Welcome to our Marais PropertyOwnersAssociation website.  
              MaraisPOA Board of Directors and Committee Goals
  • Consistent and fair adherence to covenants and bylaws.
  • Maintain the financial health of our POA
  • Maintain and enhance the aesthetics of Marais.
  • Protect the property values of our homes.
  • Foster community spirit and cooperation in Marais.
Marais Board & committees respect the entire POA, don't play favorites and welcome constructive feedback and new ideas.
          Being on the board or committees at Marais;  Requires a time commitment, an understanding of our covenants and bylaws and know that your decisions and actions will sometimes not please everyone. But, know that the people on the board and committees of the MaraisPOA take on this obligation because they love living in Marais and take pride in our community. They also enjoy helping people and deserve the greatest appreciation and support of our entire association. Thank you,
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QFF 2022-09-23
Posted on Sep 23rd, 2022
Quick Fact Friday
The Ghost of the Post House Inn
Yesterday was the first official day of fall, which means that spooky season is fast approaching! The Lowcountry has its fair share of urban legends and creepy tales, and Mount Pleasant is not exempt. While the Yorktown’s ghosts might be some of the most famous in town, being featured on shows like Ghost Hunters in 2012 and Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural in 2019, the Old Village has its own lesser-known haunting as well.
Image Credit: TripAdvisor
GFF 2022-09-09
Posted on Sep 9th, 2022
                     Quick Fact Friday
Temperance Picnic
On May 27, 1856, the local chapter of the Sons of Temperance hosted a Temperance Picnic in Mount Pleasant. As a simple community event this picnic didn’t leave much of a mark on history, but it does serve as a fascinating reflection of the time in which it took place.
This picnic, held at “Camp Greenwood,” had a band, dancing, and a number of lawn games and sports, including badminton and “hoop running.” Daguerreotype photographer Jesse H. Bolles, who operated a gallery at the corner of King and Liberty downtown, took landscape photos of the event. The daguerreotype was introduced in the United States a little over a decade before, and by the mid-1850s photographic portraits were wildly popular.
Image Credit: Charleston Courier
2022 Marais Pool Rules - orig post 2022-06-21 on NEXT DOOR.
Posted on Jun 24th, 2022
Marc Retchin - Marais at Seaside Farms • 2022-June
Marais Pool Rules Reminder
As pool utilization is peaking, just a reminder that we have strict guidelines regarding pool usage. The DHEC rules are posted on the fence by the shower, and a couple key rules are no glass, pets or smoking allowed in the pool or deck area. Please review and adhere to all DHEC and smoking rules.
Another key rule specific to Marais deals with pool access and utilization by visitors/guests. Owners/renters are allowed to bring daytime visitors/guests to the pool with them, numbers within reason. Guests of owners/renters temporarily residing in Marais are allowed access to the pool, using the assigned fob, with or without the owner/resident being present.
Fobs are not to be shared with daytime visitors/guests, without the owner/renter being present at the pool. This includes local family members who are not residing in Marais. Loaning fobs and allowing access to the pool, outside of the aforementioned guidelines, can result in the fob being disabled and pool privileges being suspended.
If an owner/renter would like to plan a party, please communicate and coordinate with the Marais property manager or pool committee (Marc Retchin or Jim Bennett). We want to ensure that there are no conflicts with parking, seating, other parties and for the rest of Marais owners/renters.
If you want to move furniture while using the pool, please return it where it was when you are done, as the pool deck is maintained by volunteers.
Lastly, be sure to discard trash, including napkins, cans, wrappers, etc. Thanks in advance for your understanding and assistance. Marc
Posted in General to
Marais at Seaside Farms
2021 Marais Newsletter
Posted on Jul 14th, 2021
Please review the 2021 July Newsletter under the Members section ... "Marais Community Newsletters"
2020 Marais Regime Fee Increase
Posted on Nov 24th, 2019
Go to Members section; POA Operations/Reports; Financials; to view,
                               2020 POA regime fee increase effective January 1, 2020 
Why recycling efforts are getting trashed CBS News
Posted on Apr 1st, 2019
Mount Pleasant Police Department
Posted on Jan 13th, 2017
Inspector Chip Googe, Mount Pleasant Police Department AGENCY
   Did you resolve to stay connected to your police department this year? You
   can keep that resolution by following us on:
Twitter - @mountpleasantpd 
Instagram - mountpleasantpolice
Periscope - @MountPleasantPD 
Blog - www.mppdnews.blogspot.com 
                                     Mount Pleasant Police Crime Reports
Mount Pleasant, SC website
Posted on Nov 23rd, 2016
CLICK HERE OR THE PHOTO -->>  https://experiencemountpleasant.com/
Thank you for naming Charleston, South Carolina the No. 1 City in the World!
Posted on Jul 7th, 2016
Charleston, South Carolina has been voted the No. 1 City in the World and No. 1 City in the U.S. and Canada in the Travel + Leisure 2016 World's Best Awards! We extend a sincere thank you to everyone who voted. 
Town of Mount Pleasant
Posted on Jun 28th, 2016
Marais NEW Property Management Contact as of 2/1/16
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2016
MARAIS REGIME FEES:  Please make regime 2016 checks payable to;
(843) 881-5459
Marais Property Management Contact;
Property Management Services
1340-G Ben Sawyer Blvd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Phone: (843) 881-5459, Fax: (843) 881-5616
Management Contact: Lona Vest, Contact Email: lona@charlestonpms.com



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